our service
Services by "Grün macht Schule":

- locally advisory service for projects on rearrangements of schoolyards, oriented at ecologocial aspects and children suited measures
- management of study projects and further training lectures at schools
- obtaining of contact persons (specialists, administrations, artists etc.)
- advisory service for how to get information resources
- obtaining of contact with other schools and colleagues
- organization & management of further training services at our own facilities, centered on practical work experiences
- organization of guided tours to already rearranged schoolyards
- oral presentations for school and city district committees
- obtaining contact with possible sponsors & advices for project financing, if possible
- videos and slides to lend for Berlin schools, informing about topics of schoolyard design
- extensive literary and photographic material available at our office
- co-ordination of rearrangement means
- tools and machines to lend for special projects
- lectures & guides tours about Berlin schoolyards for visitor groups
- oral presentations combined with slide shows at conferences
- sale of book and media material
- obtaining contact with regional specialists and institutions